Macbeth- Ente de Carolis Sassari, September 2023

“His worthy companion is the Dutch soprano Gabrielle Mouhlen to interpret the no less ambiguous and even more greedy wife of Macbeth. From sanguine Santuzza to sanguine Lady in Sassari the step is short… and safe.

Her vocal characteristics such as power, solidity, agility, are enhanced by the role of Lady Macbeth to which she gives psychological depth through a confident use of pianissimo, a perfect descent into the low register, always perfectly intonated and musical centers and without sparing lashes of ‘steel in the high notes.

In the Brindisi she makes the right display of agility and trills. The stage presence is unquestionable. Elegant, haughty, cold, determined. she supports Macbeth, instigates him, tickles his ambitions in a subtle and perfidious way until she leads him to murder. He is the driving force of the work and appears stronger than the man who already collapses psychologically at the moment of the toast. Yet she too will fall shortly thereafter.

In the sleepwalking scene he transfigures. Nothing remains of that evil and lustful woman. She wanders between the veils like a ghost, her singing is hallucinated. She moves away between the folds of the fabrics, merging with them and disappearing into the background while the high notes of the D flat in pianissimo arrive very clear and impeccable like a sigh that already comes from beyond the grave.” (Loredana Atzei-I Teatri dell’ Est)


Turandot- Taormina Art Festival, August 2023

“Gabrielle Mouhlen, Turandot with barbaric percussive force. The sharp and compact vocality allows the Dutch soprano to exhibit a solid high register which makes her a virago constantly at war with the male gender, so much so that she slaps Calaf after the riddles have been solved. In any case, the line is solid and homogeneous” (Operaclick- Caterina De Simone)


Cavalleria Rusticana- Ente de Carolis Sassari, July 2023

“Gabrielle Mouhlen’s Santuzza stands out for its power and temperament, a soprano with a powerful and incisive voice. It powerfully expresses the anguish of the dishonored woman. She is subtly malicious in referring to Lola, she shows tenderness in trying to bring Turiddu back to her in a last desperate attempt and angrily invokes a harmonious “Mala Pasqua”, no more vulgar than concluding with a “Pergiuro!” of great effect.” (Loredana Atzei- The Theaters of the East)

“Another celebrated name in the cast is Gabrielle Mouhlen, a Santuzza of great vocal and acting temperament with warm and vibrant performances, who received a genuine ovation from the audience in her final greetings.” (S&H Magazine).

Macbeth- Teatro Verdi di Trieste, January 2023

“Gabrielle Mouhlen, making her confident debut in the role, offers a Lady of vocal security, with a voice of ferrous colors, solid high notes, a good palette of nuances. The Dutch soprano opts for the path of great tradition (..) but the character that emerges is solid and is definitely appreciated by the audience who is more tied to custom”. (Gianluca Macovez-GB Opera)

“Gabrielle Mouhlen, Dutch, experienced singer, was Lady Macbeth: much applauded at the beginning and in the sleepwalking scene, the audience appreciated her interpretation, giving her applause worthy of the protagonist”. (Patrizia Zamboni – OperaTeatro)


Don Carlo- Aalto Musiktheater Essen, March 2022

“Gabrielle Mouhlen convincingly captures the melancholy of the queen with her very dark soprano and scores vocally and dramatically in the scene with Carlo in the garden in the first act as well as in her big aria in the last act.” (Thomas Molke,Opernglass) “

“Gabrielle Mouhlen is a very attractive Isabel de Valois. Although the choice is not obvious regarding the Italianness of the soprano, the broad and expressive medium more than compensates for it”. (

“Gabrielle Mouhlen, every inch a queen, surrenders to her role as a bargaining chip for a peace treaty between France and Spain with an unloved, much older man and suffers love torments because she doesn’t dare to live out her passion for the young prince in the surveillance state. Her voice is a bit heavy and dark in the middle range, but intoxicatingly beautiful at the top.”(

“Gabrielle Mouhlen as a dignified, suffering Elisabetta who controls her emotions to the point of powerlessness.” (Westfälischer Anzeige)

“Gabrielle Mouhlen sings Elisabetta with soft, crystal-clear highs.” (Ruhr Nachrichten)

“Gabrielle Mouhlen wins the audience’s heart as Elisabetta with her final aria” (O-Ton)


Nabucco,  Riccardo Muti – Fondazione Prada Milano, December 2021

“Another revelation was Dutch soprano Gabriëlle Mouhlen, who established herself as the true Abigaille heir to the great singers who have played this proverbially difficult role in the past.” (Luca Chierici, Il Corriere Musicale )