Nabucco, Riccardo Muti- Ravenna Festival, December 2021

“Among the talented and highly acclaimed Verdi interpreters who have been entering the Ravenna scenes for some time, Gabriëlle Mouhlen stood out as a beautiful and unexpected surprise, an aggressive and passionate Abigaille with the vocal characteristics of Verdi’s “Virago“.” (Attilia Tartagni, Amici della Musica Net)

Nabucco – Aalto Musiktheater Essen,  February 2021

“Gabriëlle Mouhlen was a wonderful Abigaille in Nabucco, singing with dark, powerful Verdi soprano” (WAZ)


Pagliacci – Aalto Musiktheater Essen, June 2021

“Gabriëlle Mouhlen inspires here with a rich soprano voice and a powerful middle register.” (Thomas Molke- Online Musik Magazin)

“Gabriëlle Mouhlen shines as Nedda with her radiant soprano and unerring highs” (Dominik Lapp-

“With the aria Stridono lassù she gives a first impression of her soprano voice, which also sounds beautiful in the high notes. Singing and acting condense in her to a convincing authenticity of Nedda. Mouhlen has had a significant impact on this Pagliacci” (Peter E Rytz Review)

“Nedda gets to kick off her slippers during her wonderful entrance aria. A romantic moment for Gabriëlle Mouhlen, who switches her powerfully dramatic soprano to lyrical to sing about the birds and her dream of flying away while she is swinging on a swing.” (Sabine Weber Klassikfavori)


Concert Lyrique de Prestige, Opéra Nice Côte d-Azur, September 2020

“But this evening, decidedly exciting in many respects, held a big surprise in store for us; the discovery of an authentic lirico-spinto soprano voice personified by the Dutch Gabriëlle Mouhlen. A recognized artist on German and Italian stages, we impatiently awaited this concert to finally hear her in France. To be honest: we were not disappointed. In a boldly chosen programme which led her with perfect ease and without apparent difficulties from the refinement of Puccini  (Vissi d’arte), to the deadly register deviations of  Abigaille’s recitative preceding the essential legato of the aria “Anch’io dischiuso” (Nabucco), and leading to the moonlit “Casta Diva” (Norma), Gabrielle Mouhlen belongs to the endearing breed of artist, actually quite rare today, who gives their all for their audience and requires the stage to fully make the most of themselves. The  result is in the irresistible moments – specifically in the Nabucco duett! – where the performer manages to combine a considerable natural vocal capability with impressive dramatic engagement.”(Hervé Casini, Première Loge)


Tosca-Teatro Morlacchi Perugia, August 2020

“A proud and elegant Gabriëlle Mouhlen, passionate at the same time, it is the Floria Tosca that will enchant the Perugian public. A great artist supported by an experienced cast to perform the three acts of one of Puccini’s most beautiful works “. (Antonietta Castagnaro About Umbria)


Nabucco Theater Koblenz, July 2020

“Abigaille swears vengeance on her sister, her father and all the Hebrews ,with spectacular coloratura, register intervals and aggressive high notes. Gabriëlle Mouhlen lacks nothing to play this great role. Even scenically she is a revelation”(Das Opernmagazin)




Pique Dame – Aalto Musiktheater Essen, October 2019

“Also of Dutch descent is the new dramatic soprano of the ensemble, Gabriëlle Mouhlen. Last season she presented her business card with a beautiful Desdemona and she also completely convinced me as Lisa. Some parts of her part seem almost written against the voice – compare the way Strauss puts his tenors to the test – but Mouhlen hardly had to force even in the most difficult passages. In calmer waters she was outspokenly lyrical, a joy to listen to.” (

“The singing is actually good in all parts – after all, almost an unique selling point of Aaltotheatre in Essen – although I would like to single out Gabriëlle Mouhlen (Lisa) and Sergey Polyakow (Herman) as the primi inter pares. In particular, this actually thankless game of madness deserves great respect in view of the sheer mastery of it.” (Der Opernfreund)

“An equally successful singing partner, was the sculpturally and emotionally presented Lisa of the Dutch soprano Gabriëlle Mouhlen, who has mature dramatic and supporting material”.(

“Gabriëlle Mouhlen and Sergey Polyakov can be seen in the title roles. They pass the exertion with mastery. The first premiere of the new season has been a success”. ( the culture portal)


Otello- Aalto Musiktheater,  February 2019

“The new star of the Aalto ensemble, the dramatic soprano Gabriëlle Mouhlen from the Netherlands, was a beautiful, sexy Desdemona. Rolling around with Otello in the first act, she painted a very different picture than what I’d gotten from this woman so far. In all the scenes she sang with her husband, she managed to stay firm with good acting. Vocally she was beautiful. Her “Ave Maria” in particular was chillingly beautiful, accompanied by a whispering orchestra. You could have heard a pin drop.” (Operamagazine Nederland, Peter Franken)

“Gabriëlle Mouhlen’s Desdemona is very precise, she is capable of beautiful pianissimi and has shown great acting skills in several scenes, starting from the love duet with a lot of sex scenes, again in the rape-scene with Otello, but above all in the fourth act in which she manages to transform the scene of the Canzone del Salice (which can be boring sometimes) into an interesting description of the emotional condition that animates her: like a mouse in a trap. Brava!” (Roberto Cucchi, I Teatri del Est)

“She, the excellent Dutch soprano Gabriëlle Mouhlen, also makes an impeccable Desdemona, wonderful in her role. Although with antagonistic signs, Mouhlen and Rivero’s erotic first duet and the subsequent infamous rape scene were memorable. (..) Desdemona’s wedding dress looks as tailor-made for her, not just because of the cut, but because of how lovely she looks”. (Juan Carlos Tellechea,